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Marvels of Mystery magic show title

Four of The Magic Circle’s star magicians join forces and take you on a magical journey in MARVELS OF MYSTERY, a new magic show for the whole family featuring marvellous magic, wonderful illusions, laughs, gasps, and stunning sleight of hand sorcery.

Join your host, crazy comedy conjuror DANNY LEE GREW as he introduces sleight-of-hand master DEAN LEAVY who, since being awarded The Magic Circle’s Young Magician of the Year in 2017, has travelled the world ‘mesmerising’ celebrities, politicians and royalty. Don’t miss the chance to see him live with his stunning manipulations.

Sit back and enjoy ‘pure magic’ with beautiful ballerina MEGAN SWANN, who combines magic and ballet to create a truly theatrical performance which gained Megan the title of Stage Magician of the Year from The British Ring. Megan is also the Vice President of The Magic Circle!

And completing the line-up is the ‘spectacular’ SCOTT PENROSE. Not only is he the Executive Curator of The Magic Circle Museum, but he is also a past President of The Magic Circle. Scott will present Robert Houdin’s Marvellous Orange Tree from 1840, plus Maskelyne’s chilling PSYCHO, the mindreading automaton from 1875, returning to the British stage for the first time in over 100 years, and just as astonishing now as ever before… a MUST SEE for any magic fan!

For a truly magic experience, book your tickets now for MARVELS OF MYSTERY before they disappear.