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Megan Swann performing a magic act

Reviews for Megan Swann

‘Megan Swann had both children and adults on the edge of their seats throughout. This is a sophisticated act with variety and some superb moments of pure magic… a superb floating light bulb sequence, the silence in the audience was wonderful to experience. Another surprise for this magician was how effective the dancing cane was here, but it is Megan’s ring work, and that bulb, which will stay in the memory for a long time.’

The Magic Circular – Official Magazine of The Magic Circle

Scott Penrose with the magic orange tree



The Daily Telegraph

‘Past president Scott Penrose, with his immaculate dress sense and his extraordinary automata, was, as always, a real pleasure to watch.

First up was his Orange Tree which burst into life with petals and oranges before revealing a borrowed ring rising from its top, tied to a silk handkerchief.

Then it was time for the return of Psycho, the mind-reading mystic, who sat cross-legged and correctly beat out a chosen number on a bell as well as divining a chosen number by plucking numbered cards arrayed before him. If you have not seen this extraordinary machine, lovingly reconstructed by Scott, then I urge you to do so. He had the audience drawing in their breath with real astonishment. The reaction is as powerful now as it was in 1875 when the first Psycho was displayed by Maskelyne at the Egyptian Hall.’

The Magic Circular – Official Magazine of The Magic Circle

‘Polish and zest that only a seasoned performer can accomplish’

The Freemont Hotel, New Orleans

Dean Leavy performing magic with fire

Reviews for Dean Leavy

‘You had us all mesmerised …thoroughly entertaining!’

Theresa May

‘Excellent talent… fantastic charm!’

Sajid Javid MP – Chancellor of the Exchequer

‘Young Magician of the Year, Dean Leavy, performed a manipulation act to music with silks and Billiard Balls, both reprised at the end by transforming a ball into a silk. Dean more than held his own amongst his more mature colleagues.’

The Magic Circular – Official Magazine of The Magic Circle

Danny Lee Grew with magic playing cards

Reviews for Danny Lee Grew

‘Simply hilarious’

The Magic Circular – Official Magazine of The Magic Circle

‘Special mention though, must go to Danny Lee Grew, whose natural, witty performance engaged the audience every time he adorned the stage… Danny was a firm favourite of the audience, especially the younger generation!’


‘Always impresses and ASTOUNDS… his uniquely bubbly personality leaves his spectators with no choice but to smile’

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